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#ReloRant: The Importance of Comprehensive Pre-Decision Support

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Couple consulting with a Pre-Decision Support counselor.

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A Lively Conversation with Steven John, CPA, SCRP, SMS-T, HomeServices Relocation President and CEO:

Moving Is Hard

Moving for a new job with your family in tow? Even harder. It’s why there is a relocation industry, and it’s why employers provide generous relocation benefits for recruits and transferees. One way to make moving even easier for your employees is to get transferees engaged with a relocation counselor early in the process through pre-decision support services. Proper utilization of pre-decision support services from HomeServices Relocation (HSR) can improve your recruiting and retention rate and ensure high levels of employee engagement from day one

Whether recruiting from the outside or enticing an experienced player to take on a new role, transferees have many questions about relocation benefits and the destination location that must be answered.

Alleviate Concerns and Increase Acceptance Rates

Pre-Decision support for relocating employees begins with a policy review with recommendations that focus on aligning relocation benefits with employee needs. Eligible program benefits for both transferee and family will be addressed. Job search support can be customized to meet spousal career needs based on policy inclusion. A cost estimate for the employer can be developed allowing proper budget allocation and accrual of relocation expenses.

HSR will counsel the candidate on the relocation process and partner them with a relocation-trained real estate professional who specializes in the destination area. Through our extended network of real estate professionals, the assigned agent will provide the employee with a personal orientation, address lifestyle issues, and counsel them on the current real estate market and agency practice. If provided as part of policy, HSR can coordinate and manage a pre-decision trip with area tours in any domestic or global location.

Consultation with a mortgage professional will also be provided to guide discussions related to a home loan need. We recommend interested candidates secure mortgage pre-approval prior to beginning the home search process.

Comprehensive Pre-decision Assessment and Counseling May Include:

• Policy Review and Advisement
• Relocation Cost Estimates
• Transferee Expectations and Needs Evaluation
• Cost of Living Comparisons
• Mortgage Consultation including Pre-approvals
• Insurance Consultation
• Real Estate Agent Consultation
• Community Resources
• Education Options/School Reports
• Broker Market Analysis (Home Sales)
• Destination Services (Home Purchase/Rental)
• Pre-Decision Trip
• Spousal Career Counseling
• Family Special Needs Consult

Utilizing HomeServices Relocation’s Pre-decision Support Services during the offer period helps candidates make informed decisions, leading to higher acceptance rates and work engagement. Pre-decision counseling works to alleviate concerns for transferee and family members, address objections, and demonstrates the employer’s attention to the care and well-being of the transferee and their family.

Pre-decision Support is offered free of charge to all HomeServices Relocation clients.

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