Corporate Relocation Specialists

We are attentive, professional and refreshingly caring and compassionate

Corporate Relocation Specialists

Because we are attentive, professional and refreshingly caring and compassionate

Are you a people person We are too

The HomeServices Relocation Difference

Benefits of working with us

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Superior Service

HSR takes great pride in providing service that is attentive, professional, sincere, and refreshingly caring and compassionate. Always dedicated to the task at hand and willing to go the extra mile, our savvy consultants strive for excellence in everything they do, with responsiveness and a sense of calm and understanding. Our satisfaction results are some of the best in the industry.

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Stability and Security

Our financial strength translates into the highest level of resources, stability, and security, ensuring a risk free, long-term relationship for our clients.  Taking the long view affords us a competitive advantage as we invest in our business and improve services and costs.  Stability means working closely with our clients every day with an eye toward our on-going relationship, not short-term profits.  Security means an ongoing focus on data privacy and cyber security driven by the best experts in the field.

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A key advantage to partnering with HSR lies in our flexibility and agility, along with our willingness to listen and adjust to better suit the changing needs of our clients.  We are not interested in putting our clients or their employees in a “box.”

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Thought Leadership

Our executive team is recognized throughout both the relocation and real estate industries as leaders and influencers.  We are the only relocation management company to recognize and implement a solution for the onerous cost impact of the 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on mobility spend.  Our solution saves our clients hundreds of dollars on every move.

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Financial Strength

As a division of Berkshire Hathaway, our financial strength is unique in our industry and enables us to completely fund all aspects of our clients’ relocation programs.  No advance payments are required, and no interest is charged on relocation expense disbursements.

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True Partner® Pricing Solution

HSR is the only relocation management company to provide clear and comprehensive transparency to revenue and cost models for our clients.  We recognize that “supplier revenue” is not really free to our clients and work to ensure our clients have complete visibility to all service costs.  We contractually agree to pass-through relocation costs without hidden mark-ups and will not collect rebates or kickbacks from suppliers.  

Exceeding Expectations

Our unparalleled service culture is supported by real-time caseload management, ongoing training and certification, and regular real estate market and industry updates, enabling HSR consultants to be more proactive and responsive to transferee needs.

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