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An easy-to-use tool with dynamic dashboard and reporting features, allowing for real-time information and data analysis

The iReports dashboard provides a powerful business intelligence solution to support instant visibility of your mobility activity. Coupled with smart drill-through features, iReports offers intuitive, visual insights that help you get to the details at the heart of the matter—instantly.

One of the many benefits of iReports is the fact that it is directly linked to HomeServices Relocation’s operational database. This eliminates potential issues caused by delayed access and synchronization—issues that are common with business intelligence products running on separate databases. Real-time access means you see what we see as updates are made to transferee details.


Meeting the unique needs of each transferee while supporting the business and financial goals of our clients

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24-Hour Access

With iReports, you have data at your fingertips anytime you need it, 24/7, for example late at night before that early morning meeting.

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Real-Time Visibility

The iReports system is all real-time, you are never behind the curve. As soon as our reps enter information into the system, you see it.

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Flexible Data Display

The iReports dashboard is totally customizable and can be populated with your most used reports or graphic representation.


iReports provides data and analytics so you can analyze every detail of your relocation activities to maximize effectiveness and control costs.

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