Employee Relocation Technology Tools

Best-in-class global

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Employee Relocation Technology Tools

Best-in-class global


Take advantage of 24/7 access to the latest technology for both transferring employees and human resource professionals.

Technology and the Internet have become ubiquitous in people’s everyday lives and the relocation industry is no exception. It is a business environment in which web-based technology is the best option for providing real-time online information. HSR is committed to delivering the most accessible and relevant online experience possible for transferees and HR professionals.


Business today is moving at the speed of light, which means today’s professionals need instant access to management systems, data and reporting.

Comprehensive and sophisticated

Our comprehensive and sophisticated technology features are instrumental in helping us work with our clients to improve performance and control costs.

Responsive design

Our technology design allows flexibility for administrators and transferees to access systems on any device: computer, tablet or smart phone.

Custom interfaces

We can support development of a variety of customer interfaces or sub-systems to work alongside your established internal processes.

Instant visibility

HSR’s technology systems are all real-time, you are never behind the curve. As soon as information is entered into the system, you see it.

Domestic and International

Our technology platform provides tracking and service management for both domestic and international assignments.

Tax compliance

Our technology platform and corresponding web-access portal is continuously being updated to ensure compliance with tax and other regulations.


Whether it’s policy analysis, checking on program status or submitting expenses, HSR’s technology tools are designed for quick access and convenience

Clients of HSR can utilize powerful analytics with real-time dashboards, self-service reporting, data extracts—and benefit from the use of the company’s up-to-date tax engine and payroll interface to ensure error-free gross-up calculations and wage and tax reporting. Relocating employees can easily access move details, submit expenses and view documents online through HSR’s web portal. Transferees can work quickly and efficiently with relocation consultants at the touch of a smartphone or tablet, avoiding frustration and improving productivity.