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Domestic Services

Understanding Your Domestic Talent Recruitment and Relocation Goals

In today’s competitive environment, attracting and retaining talent requires enhanced relocation services and superior program execution.

For employers, a comprehensive and robust relocation benefit package can help seal the deal when recruiting or transferring employees. Organizations that customize benefits for both workers and workforces will find themselves well positioned in the war for talent. Home sale, home purchase, household goods shipment and final move expense benefits are minimum requirements for competitive situations along with core-flex programs that allow flexibility while still providing structure and support for transferees

Free Pre-Decision Support Services

Managing a successful relocation with Pre-Decision Support

mission visionThe primary goal for talent management is to ensure the right people in the right place at the right time. A goal made even more difficult when relocation is part of the equation. Whether recruiting from the outside or enticing an experienced player to take on a new role, transferees have many questions about relocation benefits and the destination location that must be answered.

Utilizing HomeServices Relocation’s (HSR’s) Pre-Decision Services during the offer period helps candidates make informed decisions, leading to higher acceptance rates and work engagement. Pre-decision counseling works to alleviate concerns, address objections and demonstrates the employer’s attention to the care and well-being of the transferee and their family.

Domestic Services

Policy Analysis & Development

Recognized as thought leaders, we consistently monitor global trends in the relocation and mobility industry and participate in regional and national relocation associations.  This allows us to counsel you regarding relocation best practices and ensure your policies reflect current trends and support your corporate goals and objectives.

Policy Administration

As the dedicated point of contact for each of your relocating employees, your Global Services Consultant works with your employees from pre-decision through settling into their new residence.  Your policy will be reviewed in detail with the employee, questions answered and services arranged.  The same Consultant is also your direct contact for day-to-day status and concerns about your employees. Nothing is lost in translation.

Home Sale Programs

Home Marketing Assistance – Serving as an advocate for your employee, your HSR Consultant can relieve your employee of many of the time-consuming details that must be handled during the home-sale process.  The Consultant will review recommendations and marketing plans from at least two real estate professionals, assist in agent selection, pricing and marketing strategies and stay in touch with the employee and real estate professional through home closing.  If available per policy, HSR will process all cost reimbursements to your employee in a timely manner.

Buyer Value Option – We manage the entire process from property listing through closing.  Once a buyer is found, we execute the appropriate documents with both the employee and buyer and assign a title company or attorney to attend the closing.  Your employee will not need to return home to settle the property, and your company will eliminate the tax gross-up expense otherwise incurred in direct reimbursement programs.

Guaranteed Buyout – We manage the entire program, from value determination to closing with the buyer.  Fair market value is determined through appraisals and will be the Guaranteed Buyout offer to your employee if no immediate buyer is found. Once we calculate and disburse the employee’s equity, your Global Services Consultant will work closely with the listing agent to aggressively market the home and negotiate offers with potential buyers.  We minimize home sale expenses and facilitate all documents necessary to close the property, while keeping the entire process tax protected for your company.

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Destination Services

We assist with the home-finding needs of relocating employees and their families across the globe.  Your new employee will be assigned to a relocation-trained real estate professional who specializes in the geographic areas the employee/family find of most interest.  The professional will provide the employee with a personal orientation, address lifestyle issues and counsel them on the current real estate market and agency practice.  The professional will devote the necessary time to help your employee and his/her family find a new home, while maintaining communication with the employee throughout the entire process.  Your HSR Consultant will stay in touch with the employee and the real estate professional until the employee is settled in their new home.

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Travel Services

HomeServices Relocation offers a full suite of travel-related tools and services including cost-competitive airline, hotel, car rental, transportation services and general expense management. Our travel solutions make business travel less complicated for travelers and less costly for employers. Our seasoned travel advisors work closely with transferees solving for the most critical time constraints and logistics challenges. HSR has integrated corporate pre-negotiated hotel rates and car rental discounts that we pass along to clients and their employees.

Household Goods Management

We have contractual relationships with many household goods carriers, providing services both domestically and overseas—we receive significant discounts on interstate moves, waivers of peak season surcharges and competitive rates on household goods storage.  Your HSR Consultant compiles and reviews estimates with your employee while being mindful of corporate policy compliance and will assist your employee if a claim needs to be filed after delivery.

Expense Management and Funding

One of the most time-consuming activities with any move is to process, record and report expenses.  We will audit all relocation expenses and provide reimbursements to the transferring employee and service provider in accordance with the relocation policy.  Expense disbursements are made on your behalf without interest charges or advance payment required.

Detailed reporting and analysis is available online through our web-based iReports Console or via automated, scheduled reporting delivered through email.  A wide variety of reporting formats are available, and custom reporting and data extracts can be generated upon request at no additional charge.

Virtual Relocation Reimbursements

HSR’s virtual Instant Card is a fast and efficient way for employers to send relocation allowances or lump sum payments to transferees and for transferees to make relocation-related purchases.  The Virtual Card replaces the need for personal credit cards, or manual checks, and simplifies allowances and lump sums for your employees.

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Tax Assistance Calculation and Payroll Interface

We ensure proper categorization for handling taxability at federal, state and local levels.  Our fully integrated expense management system enables us to efficiently process disbursements and concurrently have the data populate our invoicing, payroll and management reporting functions.

Multiple gross-up methodologies, including supplemental, marginal and year-end true-ups, as well as customized methodologies are supported.  The gross-up engine is updated on a quarterly basis to ensure tax calculations are accurate and up-to-date.

We synchronize our processes to match your payroll and other reporting requirements.  Reports or electronic interfaces will be provided to your payroll department to include wage and tax reporting and gross-up calculations.  At year-end, we provide final reconciliation to payroll and a consolidated report to your employee detailing all relocation-related expenses.

Pre-Decision Support Services

Pre-Decision support begins with a policy review including recommendations to align relocation benefits with employee needs.  Eligible program benefits for both transferee and family will be addressed.  Job search support can be customized to meet spousal career needs based on policy inclusion.  A cost estimate will be developed allowing proper budget allocation and accrual of relocation expenses.

HSR will counsel the candidate on the relocation process and partner them with a relocation-trained real estate professional.  The assigned agent will provide a personal orientation, address lifestyle issues and review the current real estate market and agency practices.  HSR can also oversee a pre-decision trip with area tours in any domestic or global location.  All pre-decision resources are offered at no cost to the company.

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Cost-of-Living Comparisons

A Cost of Living Allowance helps protect your employees from increased goods and services costs at the destination location as compared to those in the origin location.  Working with our service partners, we provide detailed cost of living comparisons and allowance calculations, preventing “sticker shock” upon arriving at the new destination.

Cost Estimates

We will develop a cost estimate for the employer, which allows you to properly budget and accrue an employee’s relocation expenses.

Lump Sum Calculations

We calculate and process lump sum allowances as directed by your policy utilizing third-party or other client-directed sources of data.  Lump sums are tracked and included in total spend and payroll reporting.

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Utility Concierge Service

HomeServices Relocation partners with ReloFrog Concierge to deliver full settling-in concierge services that take the frustration out of connecting necessary home services through one convenient point of access.  This no-cost program provides the convenience of a dedicated team of experts committed to ensuring your move-in day is worry-free with utilities, security and DMV services set up assistance.

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Temporary Living

With our formal relationships with numerous housing partners, your employees have a choice of short-term options.  As part of our needs assessment with the employee, we identify family requirements and arrange for accommodations that best meet the needs of your employee and policy.  Housing costs can be reimbursed to the employee, or direct billed to HSR.

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Rental Assistance

Your HSR Consultant will discuss your employee/family’s needs, provide links with area information and assign a rental specialist who will provide an orientation and explore the rental market. The Consultant will also assist with coordination of lease termination at the departure site and will stay in touch with the employee until settled in the new area.

Mortgage Programs

We offer your employees special relocation home financing solutions designed to make obtaining a home loan easy and convenient. Features include:

  • Direct-bill capabilities: approved reimbursable closing costs may be billed directly to HSR, reducing out-of-pocket cash needed from the employee at closing
  • Pre-approvals within minutes: pre-approval letter offered before house hunting begins
  • Income considerations including credit for relocating co-borrower’s income (in most cases)
  • Competitive, consistent lender fees
  • Alternatives to PMI
  • Experienced home relocation mortgage consultants and specialists
  • Nationally competitive products and rates
  • Special programs for international relocating employees
  • Special programs for first-time buyers and problem credit history
Homeowners Insurance

We offer insurance solutions that provide comprehensive protection at a competitive price.  Your relocating employee benefits from knowledgeable support, specialized insurance products, problem resolution and claims processing.

Dual Career Assistance

Providing the highest quality of job search support available, we will customize assistance to meet the needs of the individual spouse and career based on your policies.

Group Move Management

We have successfully assisted many clients in moving large groups of employees to new locations.  Our expertise ensures the development of the proper relocation benefits and policies needed to support employees and families—as well as control your costs. Our Consultants spend one-on-one time with employees to document their specific needs and support them—from the first call until settled-in.  We also track all data elements and costs relating to the group and measure program success.

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