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Understanding Your Domestic Talent Recruitment and Relocation Goals

In today’s competitive environment, attracting and retaining talent requires enhanced relocation services and superior program execution.

For employers, a comprehensive and robust relocation benefit package can help seal the deal when recruiting or transferring employees. Organizations that customize benefits for both workers and workforces will find themselves well positioned in the war for talent. Home sale, home purchase, household goods shipment and final move expense benefits are minimum requirements for competitive situations along with core-flex programs that allow flexibility while still providing structure and support for transferees

Free Pre-Decision Support Services

Managing a successful relocation with Pre-Decision Support

mission visionThe primary goal for talent management is to ensure the right people in the right place at the right time. A goal made even more difficult when relocation is part of the equation. Whether recruiting from the outside or enticing an experienced player to take on a new role, transferees have many questions about relocation benefits and the destination location that must be answered.

Utilizing HomeServices Relocation’s (HSR’s) Pre-Decision Services during the offer period helps candidates make informed decisions, leading to higher acceptance rates and work engagement. Pre-decision counseling works to alleviate concerns, address objections and demonstrates the employer’s attention to the care and well-being of the transferee and their family.

Domestic Services