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#ReloSolutions: Are you a People Person? We are too!

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What does it mean to be a people person? Not the fist-bumping, crowd-loving kind, but the person who is adept at perceiving need and reacting with patience and understanding. The kind who has the equivalent of a master’s degree in interpersonal relations, is a good listener and asks good questions.

A people person is defined as, “a person who enjoys or is particularly good at interacting with others.” So, your friend or neighbor, who is always the life of the party is, by definition, a people person. But that’s not who we are talking about here.

As a professional service firm supporting HR departments in the implementation of employee relocation benefits, we get a behind the scenes glimpse of what it truly means to be a people person. We literally specialize in people.

At HomeServices Relocation (HSR), we like to say we are in the people business. Moving is one of the most stressful life events we endure. Moving and changing jobs at the same time, even more stressful. It is critical that our consultants not only build a positive rapport with the people they serve, but also have an organization that supports them and their customers. With our values firmly focused on integrity, service excellence and genuine care, HomeServices Relocation provides opportunities for our consultants to maximize the impact of their people skills with their transferees.

Training is the bedrock for service. Being a people person is important, but if systems, processes, and relocation expertise are a roadblock, even the best will struggle to connect with their transferees. At HSR we value training and understand that it is a lifelong endeavor. We are committed to supporting licensing and certification and many of our team members are licensed real estate professionals and hold the Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) and Global Mobility Specialists (GMS) designations from Worldwide ERC.

Experience allows our consultants to work efficiently and handle the many relocation scenarios that come our way. Every relocation has its own nuances and having an experienced guide gives transferees the confidence that things will be handled appropriately, even when surprises crop up. Our consultants average over 15 years of industry experience per person.

Managing service caseloads is key to allowing our consultants to do their best work. The simplest way to obtain poor transferee satisfaction scores is to overload consultants with too many cases. Relocation is a service business and good service depends on our consultants having the time and energy to pay attention to the needs of their transferees. Constant vigilance is required to ensure workloads are balanced and that additional help is brought in when needed. HSR routinely adds to staff during peak periods to ensure proper workload levels. Our consultants finished 2021 with transferee satisfaction survey scores of 99% “Meets or Exceeds Expectations” and “84% “Exceeds or Far Exceeds.”

Our management services are an extension of your company and your HR department. We are often one of the first representatives to extend outreach to your new hires. We understand our impact on employee engagement for our clients. Employees are the best asset of any company. When we start your transferees off with a good first impression, they naturally bring their best effort to a new position or assignment.

Specializing in people is rewarding and fulfilling. Helping someone during a stressful transition feels good when we know our people skills made a difference.

HomeServices Relocations’ mobility policy management services are designed to help you spend time managing your business with confidence that your recruitment and retention goals are being supported by a professional and trusted relocation partner.