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HSR’s Relocation’s Move Management Services ensures control of all administration procedures, logistics planning and household goods transport services for transferring employees. Our clients and their employees benefit from our expert advice, best-in-class resources and single point of contact consultation.

Moving a relocating employee’s belongings is more than just boxes and packing material. It is critical that the employee’s move experience goes smoothly with minimal risk. HomeServices Relocation’s (HSR) Move Management process does just that and by keeping the employee and their family informed about move related details, we minimize stress so they can focus on their job responsibilities, supporting your talent recruitment process.

HSR’s Move Management Services includes coordination, management and monitoring of all details, including accommodations for specialty items such as cars, fine art, wine, or other valuable items. We also coordinate pet transportation for your furry family members!

We have contractual relationships with multiple household goods carriers, providing services both domestically and overseas. Our clients receive significant discounts on interstate moves, waivers of peak season surcharges, competitive rates for household goods storage, and valuation coverage at no additional charge. HSR’s Move Management Services cover the following essential steps to minimize complications and ensure a successful move.

Initial Call

Your employee’s dedicated HomeServices Relocation consultant will begin the move process by performing a needs analysis, capturing the employee’s information, specifications, and move requirements while complying with your Relocation Policy’s move related guidelines.

  • The needs analysis allows the consultant to plan the necessary steps in a move timeline and perform proactively throughout the process
  • Once this analysis is complete, the consultant will select the transportation carrier with the best fit for the move

Carrier Selection and Notification

HSR only contracts with carriers that are in the top tier of their industry and provide a full array of household goods services including shipment, storage, state-of-the-art facilities/equipment, and performance at the highest service levels. They are considered an extension of our service delivery standards. We expect the same level of communication and responsiveness and we work to develop supportive relationships that benefit our commitment to service excellence for our clients.

  • Once the order is accepted by the carrier, the assigned HSR consultant will work with the carrier and transferee to schedule a survey of their household goods
  • An estimate will be prepared for packing, transportation, partial unpack, and storage (if required)
  • The need for any special services such as crating or shuttles are specifically verified
  • The HSR consultant will review the service estimate for Policy compliance and contact the client to discuss and, if deemed acceptable, approve any exceptions to Policy
  • All documents and timelines are thoroughly communicated to the transferee and tracked in HSR’s MoveTrack system

Move Schedule

Your HSR consultant works closely with the selected carrier to minimize transit time and prevent any potential conflicts that could affect the household goods delivery schedule.

  • Help the employee create a detailed inventory of household goods items
  • Advise that each item is appropriately labeled with contents and relevant handling instructions
  • Work with transferee to establish move dates
  • Communicate with carrier and enter into MoveTrack system
  • 48-hour call to transferee to confirm move schedule and driver assignment


Depending on the location and type of move, the HSR consultant will make sure the moving company has obtained any necessary permits and clearances for transporting household goods before arranging for pack and load at origin and final delivery at destination.

  • Notification of delivery completion by carrier including confirmation of any schedule inconsistencies
  • Communicate with transferee if any items are scheduled to be moved into storage
  • Remind the employee to inspect items for any damage
  • A customer service survey is sent to the transferee to evaluate carrier services
  • Customer satisfaction scores reported to client

Invoice auditing and quality checks

HomeServices Relocation’s transportation audit begins with an examination of the carrier’s invoice to ensure that charges were not incurred for any items outside of Policy and verify that our negotiated discounts were applied.

  • Re-verify the need for assessorial services, such as crating, shuttles, or excess insurance for high-value goods
  • Compare charges to the carrier’s bill of lading and weigh tickets
  • Verify fuel surcharges

Claims advocacy

All HomeServices transportation carriers are contractually required to settle claims within 30 days and to repair or replace damaged items. Each transferring employee will receive valuation coverage of up to $100,000 for their move.

  • HomeServices routinely monitors all claims and regularly meets with our transportation partners to ensure the resolution of such claims
  • The assigned HSR consultant will assist and advise your employees in completing any filing of claims

There are numerous complications inherent in the moving process – especially the potential for your employee to fall victim to a host of moving-related scams. A professionally managed move from an RMC partner with a proven process and knowledgeable consultant staff ensures that preventative measures will be taken before the threat of inaccurate estimates, delayed deadlines or missing belongings.

HomeServices Relocation takes the worry out of moving with customized guidance that matches your employee’s needs. Trust professionals to select the right moving partner and then manage the process so that you and your employee can sleep well, knowing that HSR has everything in hand.

HomeServices Relocation represents your company as an employee experience advocate. We pride ourselves on being a positive first impression to your employee or new hire, focusing on personalized service and support during what can be a very stressful transition. Our mobility policy administration services are designed to help you spend time managing your business with confidence that your recruitment and retention goals are being supported by a professional and trusted relocation partner.