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The Paradox of Relocation Pricing

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Do You Know What Your True Relocation Costs Are?  Would You Like to Know?

Most corporations are unaware how Relocation Management Companies (RMCs) earn revenue. Over time, competition to reduce fees has driven an increase in income sourced through supply chain commissions, rebates and mark-ups. These amounts are paid for by the employer but not displayed on invoices. “No fee” pricing has resulted in a lack of transparency in invoicing, making it difficult to understand the true cost of RMC services.

As part of HomeServices Relocation’s True Partner® plan, “The Paradox of Relocation Pricing” describes how traditional relocation industry pricing creates conflicts of interest inconsistent with the fiduciary responsibility and standards of care required by clients of a professional Relocation Management Company (RMC).

Not all RMCs look or sound the same, that’s why HomeServices Relocation is proud to be leading the industry in implementing an alternative pricing structure that ensures your relocation partner is working to contain costs not increase them.

HomeServices Relocations’ mobility policy management services are designed to help you spend time managing your business with confidence that your recruitment and retention goals are being supported by a professional and trusted relocation partner.