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Global companies ramp up expansion into the U.S., opening new offices and manufacturing facilities.

Global companies with a goal to establish or expand business operations continue to set their sights on the United States. America’s sunbelt region, especially Florida, North Carolina, and Texas, continue to be hot spots for companies aiming to cap operating costs and provide employees with an affordable cost of living.  Big tech, insurance, pharma, energy, and manufacturing are on the growing list of U.S. bound industries.

The Sunbelt boom

Source: The Rise of the U.S. Sun Belt, Clarion Partners

Adding to this trend is a long list of American manufacturers who are “reshoring” production.  The term “reshoring” is defined as bringing previously outsourced jobs and manufacturing back to the U.S. Reshoring is being driven by hard lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, increased transportation costs, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Another factor which will contribute to the reshoring of production is the Forced Labor Act.  In June of 2022, U.S. Customs and Border Protection will begin enforcing the Forced Labor Act, effectively banning all imports from Xinjiang Province, China.  For these reasons, Rosemary Coates, Executive Director of the Reshoring Institute, believes that “now is the time to bring manufacturing back to North America.”1

Manufacturing marches back to the U.S.

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Moving across borders is never easy.  HSR’s U.S. Inbound Destination Services program provides an enhanced experience for transferring employees and their families who are relocating to the United States.  Our support services are designed to contribute to the well-being of our clients’ assignees with personalized attention and flexible service options.  We act as a partner to our client’s Human Resources departments by providing information and trends on supporting a successful assignment. We counsel transferring employees on critical decisions and set proper expectations about housing, local transportation, and other aspects of the relocation process and their life in a new country.   HSR’s comprehensive programs and experience helps the employee and their family achieve a successful transition to life in the United States.

HSR’s Destination Services include:

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  • School Search
  • Long-term Housing Options; Rent or Buy
  • Household Goods Transportation; Sea and Air
  • Pet Transportation
  • Support with Language Courses, Cross-Cultural Training and Spousal Assistance
  • Assistance with Automobile or Lease Purchase

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