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Top 5 Benefits of True Partner® Pricing from HomeServices Relocation

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How does True Partner® Pricing benefit you?

True Partner® Pricing is part of HomeServices Relocation’s (HSR) commitment to treat clients fairly and with complete transparency.  Relocation management companies (RMCs) have traditionally avoided charging fees in favor of rebates and commission added to pass-through expenses.  This pricing method hides most of their revenue by increasing overall costs and receiving rebates from the many suppliers they manage.

Top 5 Benefits of True Partner® Pricing from HomeServices Relocation

1. Lowest total cost for your relocation program

Savings achieved by working with a “low fee” RMC are irrelevant if your overall program costs are driven higher by markups and hidden rebates.  Audits conducted by HomeServices Relocation demonstrate that our True-Partner approach provides the lowest total program cost in the industry.  HSR’s fee-based approach is offset by savings in the employer’s overall relocation spend.

2. Lowest tax income for employees and lowest gross-up costs for the employer
Embedded rebates and markups increase overall program costs.  Most of these costs represent taxable income to the relocating employee.  Eliminating RMC revenue from supplier rebates and markups reduces the dollars added to W2 income and reduces related gross-up expenses.  Our True Partner® service fees are a business expense and not included in transferee income nor subject to taxation.

3. Unbiased decision making in the selection of suppliers
When an RMC earns revenue by-way-of a supplier, the amount earned could influence supplier selection.  Eliminating all revenue from the supply chain means HSR has no conflict of interest and will select suppliers based upon performance…period.

4. Complete visibility to all costs
Revenue generated by-way-of managed suppliers is not visible to the client.  In the absence of a contractual commitment, employers have no assurances that RMCs are not inflating supplier costs to earn greater rebates.  HSR’s commitment to True-Partner is, in writing, that no revenue will be earned via pass-through expenses. Furthermore, we will provide a year-end statement of all revenue we do earn!  There is no stronger commitment to complete and total transparency in the relocation industry.

5. No hidden fees
The “fine print” in HSR’s service agreement contains no unwelcome surprises.  There are no implementation fees, no annual review fee, no policy development fee…what you see is what you get, and what you get is quite a lot!

HomeServices Relocation is proud to be leading the industry with an alternative pricing structure that ensures your relocation partner is working to contain costs not increase them.