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Generally, companies handle employee relocation costs by offering a relocation package.  This may be a fixed relocation bonus, such as a lump sum, or it may be a multi-tiered relocation model with professionally managed services.  The offer is based on the company’s established relocation policy.  Relocation policies define company approved benefits  for the relocating employee.  Receipts are required for activities such as the final trip to destination while other benefits are billed directly to the employer by-way-of a relocation management company.

Essentials For a User-friendly and Efficient Process

One of the most time-consuming activities with any move is to process, record and report expenses.  Relocating employees can easily be overwhelmed with managing and submitting expenses, especially if the move includes lengthy timeframes, multiple locations and complex household goods arrangements. 

It is important to have a seamless and efficient expense management process in place for the transferring employee.  The process should include an easily accessible interface tool, safeguards for accuracy, reporting and operate in a protected and secure environment.

Access and Security

At HomeServices Relocation (HSR), all information regarding each employee and their benefits is processed through our online portal (MoveTrack).  Through this online portal, we provide convenient, 24/7, digital access for employees to submit expense reimbursement requests and track process and payment information.  The system is configured to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of information while it is being created, accessed, stored, transmitted or received.

Calculation Accuracy

HSR’s dedicated in-house expense tracking team manages processing and support of all employee expenses.  Each reimbursement request is audited for accuracy, compliance with the benefit program and to ensure services were received.  All expenses are reviewed by the Expense Manager before payments are processed through Finance who performs a final check to prevent duplicates or coding errors.  Expense disbursements are made on our clients’ behalf without interest charges or advance payment required. 

Compliance and Reporting

As part of the initial client set-up, we detail out gross-up policies.  We collect pertinent information upon initiation to ensure gross-up calculations can be made accurately according to tax policy before the first reimbursement.  We send wage requests before running those calculations to get updated FICA figures and ensure state and local tax information is in alignment.  We synchronize our processes to match your payroll and other reporting requirements in terms of transactional needs, schedule, and visual/system preferences.  At year-end, we conduct a final reconciliation of payroll.

HomeServices Relocation represents your company as an employee experience advocate. We pride ourselves on being a positive first impression to your employee or new hire, focusing on personalized service and support during what can be a very stressful transition.  Our mobility policy administration services are designed to help you spend time managing your business with confidence that your recruitment and retention goals are being supported by a professional and trusted relocation partner.